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Let’s Start with this sweeping statement.

Why use our Signature Investment Service? No one would consciously invest in a poor performing fund. However, there are millions of pounds of people’s money sitting in poor performing funds all over the world. Why?

At one time, they were probably good performers, but when the performance fell away no one did anything about the money in the fund.

  • Do you know how your funds are performing?
  • How often are your funds checked?
  • When did your adviser last suggest a change?

Many people start an investment or pension contract by choosing good performing funds to invest in. However, over time these funds can underperform and drag down the return on your investment. This is when disappointment sets in and sometimes people cash in their investments at the wrong time.

Of the top 50 performing funds in December 2011, only two had retained their position in the top 50 by December 2016. *

*source Financial Express 5 years Dec 2016

Our Service

Our Signature Investment Service is an active management system for your investment or pension portfolios. It offers a bespoke approach, using personal risk profiling and asset allocation tools to choose the best investment options for you at outset.

We monitor your portfolios on a monthly basis, tracking your funds and sending you a short monthly email to make recommended changes when necessary.

You can view your portfolios online 24/7, giving you the advantage of seeing your current values anytime not just when your annual statement arrives.

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