Knowing where to put your money isn’t easy. There are seemingly endless options, with highly differentiated levels of risk and potential for growth.

At Bailey Richards, we seek to understand your current financial situation and future goals before we provide tailored investment advice, based on our in depth knowledge of global markets.

Finding you the right investment contract

We are committed to helping you find the best place to put your money.

There are so many choices you need to make when investing for the future - some are for income, some for growth and others a combination of both.

However, whatever your goals one thing should always be on your agenda - finding a tax efficient way to invest your money. The main contracts you should consider are:

  • ISAs (investments or cash)
  • General Investment Account (Unit trust & OEICS)
  • Onshore bonds
  • Offshore bonds
  • Pension Contracts
  • Structured Products
  • Single company shares
  • Venture Capital trusts*
  • Enterprise initiative schemes*

* Some VCTs and EIS are not regulated by the FCA

As part of our Signature Investment Service, we know that a combination of these is often the best way to invest wisely for your future. Once you have decided on the contracts, the next stage is to decide on the investment strategy.

Our Signature Investment Service

Our Signature Investment Service is an active management system for your investment or pension portfolios. It offers a bespoke approach, using personal risk profiling and asset allocation tools to choose the best investment options for you from the outset.

We monitor your portfolios on a monthly basis, tracking your funds and sending you a short monthly email to make recommended changes when necessary. You can view your portfolios online 24/7, giving you the advantage of seeing your current values anytime not just when your annual statement arrives.

No one would consciously invest in a poorly performing fund. However, worldwide there are millions of pounds of people’s money sitting in funds like these.


When a fund’s performance dwindles, often investors are slow to act. Of the top 50 performing funds in December 2011, only two had retained their position in the top 50 by December 2017.*

At Bailey Richards, using our Signature approach, we make sure of the following:

  • You know how your funds are performing
  • Your funds are regularly checked
  • If their performance starts to fall away, we will suggest a change

* Financial Express 5 years Dec 2017

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